The beginning ...>>


The beginning ...>>

I’m hot. My feet burn inside the boots while I check once again the tightness of the belts. I put my jacket on, and with the helmet in hand I go around the bike in an anxious and somewhat insecure inspection. All clear! I start the engine and there is still time for a last photo. Now it’s for real!

I’m near the centre of Buenos Aires , and to escape towards South I have a long urban crossing to face. Stifled inside all the gear, I try to stay calm each time I stop under the sun, every other traffic light. I stand out, the motorcycle is huge. I keep improvising quick answers for the more curious ones, and finally I manage to leave the city.

The landscape slowly abandons the densely built capital, making way to open country, more and more flat and monotonous. I feel the heavy bike rocking at the irregularities of the asphalt, in a slow rhythm. I absorb the tranquillity of the pace and dive into the moment.

I remember all the adventures of the last months. The effort of preparation, the thousand and one hitches, the arrival here, the mess in the transportation of the bike and the customs’ bureaucracy… All that fits now into this feeling, with the sweet taste of victory. It’s still early to imagine the size of this adventure, but I already know that it’s worth it just for this beginning…

Translated from the original by Ana Pinto

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