The beach and heat are left behind. The wind is very strong and sets a slower pace, violently shaking the bike and making the overtaking of trucks a small adventure. The road, less and less green, makes its way now through a tough desert, parched and dry, of short thorny bushes, in several shades of hay.   I’m getting used to have the “plato del dia” for lunch at the roadside restaurants where I see parked trucks. A “chorizo” steak that melts in the mouth leaves no room for doubts. I’m in Argentina and the meat is delicious.Back to the road, I feel the pleasure of measuring distances. I will cover 500km today, on my way to Puerto Madryn, exploring point of Peninsula Valdés, Patagonia . Everything points it to be an oasis of nature, in this sea of monotony and the expectations are high. Many km later, I finally arrive to the city, very tired, fed up of shaking to the wind, in that condition in which each crossroad is a big obstacle. I feel knocked down, my body aches, my moral is down and the first camping site will do perfectly. I carelessly assemble the tent and through myself into a mild sleep that didn’t bring my spirits up. Here in the South there is oil and fuel is cheaper. About 0,30 euro/litre, half of the price in Buenos Aires . With a full tank, I buy some food and water, and go on trying to find the famed natural park of Peninsula Valdés . I got lost in the terrible directions, very inconsistent with the touristic importance of the site. I’m not in very thrilled day ...

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