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I unloaded the motorcycle with the help of four employees. Before disappearing, the manager instructed the guy who had come with us, Luis, to find me a protected place where I could setup the tent. We were in the service area, in the backyard, where they usually park the posada vehicles and in the middle of half a dozen of white small and prefabricated houses that were the local infra-structures. In the larger one, a well equiped workshop, a very convenient resource in these far and out of reach places. A little farther away, the boiler, the food store house, the noisy electric generators and the employee’s lodgings. Every posada worker sleeps here. Trees and gates were shaking but the wind was not nearly as strong as in the canyon.

I walked with Luis until we found a discreet and protected place to camp in a small valley with trees and picnic tables, half way between the main houses and the service area. We took the broken pieces of the acrylic windshield out of the pickup bed and parked the motorcycle between two sheds. A shy rain was falling but it didn’t bother the tent setup. I ate something and decided to win the good favours of José and Simon, the mechanicals, to help me with the wind-shield puzzle. They didn't have that much to do in the workshop, so the bricolage challenge was welcome. We worked until 8 pm but it was not finished. I came back to the tent and prepared myself for a long, cold, rainy and windy night.

When I woke up, early in the morning, I had one third of the ...

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