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With exception made to the Chilean stages of the itinerary, the famous Ruta 40 will be with me all the way up to Bolivia. Here in the South it is a non tarmac road, keeping a classic adventure tone with stickers. It is barely inhabited, the gas stations and far from each other and uncertain, the road is extremely bad and the landscape is far from justifying the physical, physiological and mechanical demand of the stage. On the other hand, there are no reasonable alternatives. The tarmac way adds 1000 kms to the journey. Besides all this, it is just in the middle of the journey that the pain reaches its maximum level and despair doesn’t find any possible alternative. On leaving El Calafate I was already sure that the way in front of me wasn’t easy. The tarmac arrives a further than the indication on the maps, but on the 600Km that were separating me to Perito Moreno they are not noticed. Initially I got a quick track and easy just demanding double-attention on the zones where the gravel was deeper. It was very cold, however if there was any rain, it barely wet anything, once I don’t really remember it. The road condition got worse and worse, the hard stones appeared where there were already some tire marks, obliging me to move to the hardest gravel parts of the road to avoid hard hits. With lower pressure on the tires to increase the stability the risk of a flat tire increases with the increasing toughness of the track. Two black spots throwing dust in the horizon became in two motorbikes I’ve reached. Robert and Kristina, Germans, he was driving ...

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