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I checked into a busy hostal with a quiet atmosphere, and went around to check on the Harleys. I ended up in a sidewalk café in the centre, chatting with two Chilean architects that insisted on paying for the snack. Maria João’s flights got complicated and I’ll have to speed a bit more to get to Peru on time. Mendoza is a city that overflows with energy, especially on a Saturday night with a good weather. Sidewalk cafés are abundant, prices are inviting, bars are full and there are a lot of people on the streets. By taxi you can go everywhere for one or two euros. Adrian met my website though Couchsurfing and met me at the hostal, there was a barbecue going on. We went to a bar where he mingled me with his friends. Soon after we were at a private party, playing pool and appreciating the lit garden swimming pool. At some point there was silence at the party and at the request of the host a tenor guest sang solo half a dozen famous arias of Verdi and Mozart operas. Surreal. With some difficulty I found the way back to the hostal. The street was loud and vibrating in a festive environment that didn’t let me rest a lot.  On the following day at the beginning of the afternoon I left the city that was dressed in Sunday clothes. The stores were closed, the streets empty and silent. I followed North and went around San Juan avoiding the centre. The road was flat, contouring a long and wrinkled elevation, and on both sides the vineyards stretched in long rows under the scorching sun. Up ahead there were no cultivated ...

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Very nice.
I enjoyed reading about your adventures in English, the contrast between life in Mendoza vs small villages in the same article is really something. Anyways look forward to reading more about your trip, when you make it to Arizona send me a mail and I can set you up with some friends!
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