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I left the bakery at La Rioja after a breakfast of absolutely fresh white bread. A new day with no plan other than climbing the map through the incredible landscapes that seemed to invade all the North of the country. Sometimes I choose the left, others the right, but I always end up finding surprising passages. More than due to luck, it’s due to the area itself. Also due to my road advisors, of course, like the truck driver I met at the gas station of La Concha , a small town lost between the big cities of Catamarca and San Miguel de Tucumán . If you want to see a strange thing, he said, when arriving to Monteros don’t follow towards Tucumán. Instead turn to Amaichá del Valle, to the jungle.   So I did. In truth the story of a jungle in the middle of the desert wasn’t convincing me, but a bit of curiosity won over the tasteless alternative of a speedway. Until the said detour there were still some 50 m, during which a dark mountains grew at far, a set of dark cloudy silhouettes that contrasted with the desert environment of the previous days. I quickly realized that it was my destination, and I guessed gloomily the probable rain in the crossing. Right until the detour I balanced between a go, no-go, until I remembered the heat of that morning, and the oven that awaited me further North and thought that being a little wet never hurt anybody. In front of the “Norte” brewery, exactly like the truck driver had described, a sort of bridge brought the R307 from the mountains. I took the detour and the ...

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