New York, New York - arriving plan...>>


My chronicles are still around the West, but I'm already a little bit ahead. Soon I'll tell you all about terrible Death Valley, psichadelic Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley, the winds of the plains and Chicago.

Meanwhile, and according to the project schedule, I'll arrive in New York on the 18th August, this Saturday, waving a portuguese flag and with the honor of the escort of some lusitan people of the neighbourhood and friends! Here is the plan:

Saturday, 18th August

14h00 - very quick meeting in Mompoutapas, Newark
15h00 - real meeting point in Liberty State Park, on Liberty Science Center's, southwest corner of the parking lot
15h30 - head to Manhattan, crossing George Washington Bridge and going through Central park, more details on this decided on the day
18h00 - arriving at Peer 17, where we can have a beer and a bite, and where I was told there is plenty of park and bar options for everyone

Hope to see you there!
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