official project file

This is the great adventure of my life. A gigantic motorcycle journey that connects Buenos Aires to New York, alone, for 7 months. 35.000km that go through more than 15 countries across the amazing cultural and geographical diversity of the immense american continent.

This project fits into a radical change of life. For 7 years it was a life filled with the quiet routine of a computer engineer, interrupted here and there by short but adventurous holiday travels, always increasing the great desire of doing something really different and much more lengthy.

And here it is! The result of a very matured step, but without a real parachute. I withhold the genuine thrill of coming up-close and personal to the most basic needs of my being, and enjoy the satisfaction of living, in a world in which I cannot find a definite place for the meaning of existence. Have fun!


official project file (in portuguese) (990KB)


35.000 km
15 countries
7 months (Jan-Ago 07)
30 travel chronicles