New York, New York - arriving plan...>>
Next Saturday is the day of getting into the Big Apple. Whoever is nearby and wants to show up is invited...>>
The beaches…>>
I take a rest in Puerto Escondido, the Mexican surf capital...>>
Crossing Oaxaca state…>>
I visit Cañon del Sumidero by boat and cross the mountains that protect Oaxaca. It is a lovely city, though politically unstable …>>
Bienvenidos a Mexico!…>>
I cross Belize in less than twenty four hours and start the penultimate stage of this trip- It’s hot here…>>
Between continents...>>
I fly to Panama and become in awe with the canal engineering…>>
At Volcano Avenue... >>
I arrive to the capital, Quito, and welcome the eccentric visit of Miguel, for two intense days. Finally with pictures...>>
Crónica completa
The robbery…>>
Brief and anguishing moments that made me rethink the journey...>>
Crónica completa
Chile or Bolivia?…>>
I leave Coronel Moldes passing through Salta, and solve the indecision about the itinerary cgoosing the desert...>>
Jungle and desert…>>
I taste the famous “Torrontés” from Cafayate, go across a mysterious jungle and follow through the deserted scenery defying Quebrada de Las Conchas...>>
San Agustin del Valle Fertil…>>
I explore the natural parks in compulsory guided tours. I keep heading North in a hard rythm...>>
Taming Northern Argentina…>>
I’m involved in the vibrant environment of Mendoza and follow North feeling the growing aridity of the scenery...>>
Santiago in Andes…>>
I take advantage of the pause at the capital to pamper my valiant companion and go back to Argentina through gigantic Andean landscapes...>>
Kms e kms a fio…>>
Tento recuperar o atraso seguindo sem grandes paragens para Norte à procura do calor. Cruzo-me com outro viajante das américas e desaguo no porto de Valparaíso...>>
Carretera Austral…>>
Another classical route competing for the worst road...>>
Los Antiguos and the end of stage one…>>
A well-deserved rest in Los Antiguos, meandering through the village at the will of improvise. Crossing to Chile marks the beginning of a new stage... >>
Ruta 40 - dureza…>>
Coming from El Calafate, I follow the famous Ruta 40, a long dirt road in terrible condition. A capital punishment physically, psychologicaly and for the bike's mechanics...>>
Perito Moreno Glacier…>>
After running out of gas on my way to El Calafate, I join a group excursion to the blue and white giant…>>
Waiting ...>>
Half hidden in the posada service area, I wait for the storm to calm down. Then I visit the Grey Glacier and, finally, leave to Argentina…>>>
More gravel, more penguins...>>
I follow the coast line, passing by Punta Tombo, a giant colony of Magellan penguins. I advanced 500km to the South, and the climate accompanies the first rains…>>
A long stretch leads me to the Chubut province. You can feel the latitude in the temperature and wind, but mainly in the natural habitats. The first animals come into view… >>
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The beginning ...>>
A few dozen km passed and I already feel flying through the continent. Behind me are all the hitches of the preparation of this odyssey, and the unparalleled sensation of beginning takes it’s place... >>
Las Grutas...>>
The heat is decreasing, and the landscape announces the upcoming southern lands. I get distracted at a beach and end up in a family barbecue…>>
Hot, very hot...>>
The heat wave goes on. I follow my journey somewhat away from the coast, until the 39º C of Bahia Blanca. I almost go without gas in this torrid desert…>>
On the way South ...>>
Heat wave, with maximum temperatures around 37º C. I expected more breeze from the Ruta Atlântica, but the wind blows hot and dry from the inland…>>
35.000 km
15 countries
7 months (Jan-Ago 07)
30 travel chronicles